Our Purpose

At Studio924 Creations, we have two main goals:

1. First, we want to provide you with quality, handmade jewelry and small crafts that will make you smile. Our products are made with love and are unique, as they are specially hand-crafted for you. We hope to please you with our work and help you accessorize with some fun pieces!

2. We want to help others by giving back. What makes us stand out is that our jewelry has more than just an aesthetic purpose! Ten percent of our sales are donated to Austin’s Miracle League. This is a local non-profit that seeks to give children with different abilities an opportunity to play some ball!

Why did we choose this non-profit? Well, here’s where we/I can be transparent with you for just a moment 🙂 As the founder of this business, I have a personal connection with this organization. In 2015, my first-born son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. As you may or may not be aware, ASD rates have been skyrocketing over the past few years, and although it comes with some very cool benefits (like having a photographic memory in the case of my son), it can also come with some very intense challenges. My son has struggled with social awareness and building relationships, and he has also dealt with some sensory/anxiety issues that can make some physical activities a challenge for him.

One day, at one of my dentist visits, my doctor recommended this Miracle League to me for my son. It was designed for kids with different abilities to help them get out, play some ball, work on some coordination activities, and help them develop social skills, as they are paired with buddies. I thought, why not give it a try?! So we did, and I cannot rave enough about this organization and what it has done for my son and others in our community. Since joining the league three years ago, he has significantly improved in his motor skills, speech, social skills, and much more! This organization allows every kid to play for FREE (which is a big deal for many families who need to pay for a lot of therapies), and they go above and beyond to make this a very enjoyable experience for us families. They never ask us for a dime and yet continue to raise money year after year to make this possible. This is an organization I wanted to support through this business.

Thank you for allowing to me to be transparent and vulnerable with you, and thank you for contributing to this great cause when you shop with us!